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What a day - work has gone *crazy* this week. Excuse me while I collapse into a heap, okay?

So I said I would post a scan of the thank you I got from the Panties for Everyone drive last year by tonight, and I fail exponentially. I did get it scanned - and then forgot my thumb drive at work. I have to take out the trash and pick my roommate up from the airport, and won't have time to get back to the building before it security locks up tight for the night. D: I will be able to get that posted tomorrow though, along with the receipts for the things I've bought so far this year. :D We're currently at $1,282.94, for the record, less the $620 or so that has been spent on hoodies, gloves, and hats so far. Woot woot! I'm making my first drop-off tomorrow, since the back of my trunk is full to bursting.

In other, much less important news: my hair has finally grown out of the slightly awkward phase it's been in since I got it cut, and looked adorable today. It seems that the best way to style it is to wake up, wash it, and go out into freezing weather, thus making my still wet hair freeze into tiny little icicles all over my head. This makes my entire body scream for the Bahamas, but seems to work absolute magic, since my hair thaws and is soft and adorably flippy and bouncy for the rest of the day. Or at least until I take my sweater off and on a few times, at which point it's soft and static-electricitied, but still adorable in that reaching-for-the-ceiling sort of way.
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