Jul. 22nd, 2016

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So remember how my last entry ended with me having plans to (reluctantly and resentfully) go to the ER about my ankle?

Yeah, that didn't happen. Oh, I still wound up at the ER on Tuesday, but it wasn't for me. Instead the universe decided that my Gran needed to have respiratory issues so bad that she had to pull the emergency cord in her bedroom.

Thank fuck we got her moved a couple of months ago. I seriously owe the staff at her new apartment complex a cake because they had people in with her in under 90 seconds and an ambulance called immediately after that. They called me before the paramedics had even gotten her into the ambulance and Mom and I were able to meet them at the hospital.

She wound up being admitted with pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) with the root cause being cardiac issues. Her heart is just plain wearing out and it's not pumping enough blood, which (because bodies are fucked up and weird) is resulting in things that should go squish not going squish and things that shouldn't go squish (like lungs) going squish squish squish. :/

Added to that, she managed to get one of her pills stuck in her throat where the goddamn thing melted and gave her a chemical burn. Folks, if you're taking pills, do yourselves a favor and drink a load of water with them. Don't let your Prozac fuck your throat up so badly that you croak instead of talking and need to see an ENT. It's not fun and it apparently hurts an awful lot.

So yeah, that's been my week. Being my grandmother's caretaker is the hardest job I've ever had, no questions asked. It's ridiculously emotionally draining, and my hats are off to people who do this kind of thing as a career and with more than one person at a time. Our society really doesn't respect this kind of job enough - and as a result I've gotten to the point where I'm like, "You wanna talk shit about stay at home parents? COME AT ME. I'll FUCK YOU UP" and "The real heroes are the people juggling kids and aging parents and keeping their own sanity." (On the other hand, I cannot imagine leaving Gran's care to anyone else, much less someone outside the family. She's my best Gran and as much as she sometimes drives me to the whiskey bottle, I love her so very very much.)

On the bright side of life: after much debate and arguing, Mom and I figured out how we want to redo our kitchen floors. We're going from badly installed 80s style vinyl with a rotted subfloor where the dishwasher leaked for years and years (so gross) to a whitewashed and varnished floor of planks made from plywood. No, really! It can look SO COOL and it's hella cheap, so if we need to redo them or slap some vinyl over them in a few years we can. We had been talking about an actual wood floor, but after pricing it out we were looking at $1500 for labor and wood. We're going to do a lot of the demo ourselves and the switch from fancy oak to plywood is going to save us a bundle. YAY for new floors!


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